7 days in…. And I’m feeling it.

Today is day 7 of my Fasting to Feed. Initially, despite the hunger, being ‘hangry’ (hungry + cranky), and tired I was still feeling pretty good. I still had energy, and was able to continue with my day as if I was eating normally.

Lately however, I am not feeling that way. Since Wednesday I have been tired, not having the energy to go about my day regularly. One night I slept for 12 hours and still didn’t feel like it was enough. The headaches began on Tuesday and have continued. Mix that with the dizziness and it is not a good feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining whatsoever. It is SO exciting knowing that I have made it though a week of fasting, and only have 3 weeks to go. It also is a wonderful reminder of how blessed we truly are in Canada. If I get to sick, I can go to the doctor. If I get tired, I can sleep. I have family and friends supporting me and an awesome job with supportive coworkers.

I still cannot imagine doing this forever, day in and day out, without clean water to top it off.

I was discussing my fast with a stranger today and she informed me that

It isn’t that bad because your body gets used to not eating

…I think by my blank stare she realized that I did not agree.

Yes, your stomach eventually stops growling, but the side affects from the lack of nutrients are still there. We are taught from an early age about the food pyramid, to eat healthily and have your apple a day. If children go to school hungry we are lucky enough to have breakfast program’s or someone to lend a helping hand.

So, I take the challenge of fasting “not being hard” or “getting used to it”. That would be wonderful. I challenge the rest of you also, give up on your snacks before meals, eating before bed, or shrink your portion size. Try it for a day and see how you feel. You may not go hungry, but it will give you a taste of what it feels like when you are, and that’s a challenge I’m willing to take.

3 thoughts on “7 days in…. And I’m feeling it.”

  1. Reblogged this on J's Walk of Life and commented:
    A good friend of mine Liz is fasting to raise money to visit and aid children in Haiti. This isn’t her first trip or fast she’s done and I’m sure it’s not going to be her last. She’s powering through 4 weeks of fasting and plans on keeping everyone up to date. Here’s one of her posts.

  2. Wow, I must say am deeply inspired by your determination,but I’d like to know the reason for your fast. Is it to raise awareness or as a form of solidarity? Good luck! and stay safe.

    1. My fast is to raise both awareness and funds for a school I support in Haiti. I provide lunches for 400 students for the year so they are able to eat when they are there. Please look up my earlier blog posts as it explains more 🙂

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